About Us

Red Logics Technologies believes that the internet is that perennial stream of opportunities that has a lot to offer for everyone. Even if we believe our resources to be harnessed to the utmost extent, there are still huge opportunities to grab and march ahead of others. Just like a painter get the chance to paint his masterpiece on a canvas, we provide an opportunity to our clients to explore the digital world and make the most of it. With an experience of more than a decade, Red Logics has worked for a number of clients spanning all across the globe. We follow a pattern of keeping our clients ahead of others with our range of street-smart services.

Staying Adrift With the Technology

Technology is the driving force that moves the world in the Twenty-first Century. Remaining adrift with the latest technology and finding innovative and smarter solutions to our clients’ issues is what we focus on the most at Red Logics. We come up with impeccable solutions in the most artistic and multi-dimensional manner. We believe that Internet has not been harnessed to its fullest and it is what we aim to excel every time we start a project. Our endeavour to discover new opportunities has benefitted our clients and in turn has made us a reputed name in the industry.

Our approach to the tasks make us completely different from others. We completely understand the requirements of our clients along with the complexities that we are going to face while working for them. The world is continuously coming on board with the internet and the gap between online and offline tasks is shallowing. Today, the online and offline ethers work in tandem with each other to give multi-faceted solutions to the complex problems. Red Logics is among the pioneers in this field and it is because of this reason that we are considered a formidable force in the industry.

Red Logics has a diverse pool of extremely talented and smart professionals who not only understand the ultimate goals of the clients but also come up with innovative results. Now, that we have the best talent in the industry, we are finally ready to explore the digital world on a bigger scale and provide our services to the clients worldwide.

What Brings People Closer to Red Logics

Our answer is, Innovation

Red Logics comes up with new and innovative solutions every time we are exposed to the real-world problems. Our clients come up with industry-specific issues that somehow hampers their growth and we aim to ease their process in the simplest and most effective manner.

Red Logics has reached far from the point where it was started and we aim to leave everyone behind with our passion and industry-specific knowledge. We always aspire for excellence and this is the reason why people are drawn towards us. Our continuous strive to reach perfection has enabled us to streamline our work and aim to complete the projects in a time-bound manner.

The Secret of Our Success

Red Logics owes its success to some of the most well-known secrets- Hard work, Passion, Innovation and the Hunger for Perfection.

We, at Red Logics work tirelessly to maintain the standards we promise to our clients. Digital world is evolving every other day with some new innovations replacing the outdated ones. We work passionately to find answer to everything that most of the people have expressed their inability to do so. We are happy that we have been the reason for innovating new and smarter technologies in the past and are sure of taking our already high standards to the next level in future. Our hunger for perfection has raised our standards to such a level that we have made it our habit to deliver the world class solutions. Red Logics is the reason for the change and it gives us immense satisfaction when we are appreciated for our hard work.

Client's Testimonials

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about hiring a company from India. I heard bad stories about not finishing work and demanding more money and other issues.  This however was a great experience with Red Logics.  My project was extremely difficult and we have many obstacles to be over come but they pulled it off.  They worked along with me and acted like they had a vested interest in my project being successful. Stagepass.com is now read for launch and I couldn’t have done this without them.  Over this time we have become friends.  They are kind, dedicated and work extremely hard for you.  Thank you so much …

Ankit Aggarwal

Thank you thank you thank you. We are in love with our website; it is beautiful, clean, simple and cost effective… Everything we had hoped for! Red Logics have helped us take our product to the next level. Specially Mr. Prashant’s patience, creativity & intuition have been a pleasure to work with. We are so grateful for your informative guidance, patience and responsiveness, as well as your humor throughout the entire website building process. I am really satisfied with the effort that whole team put into my work. They are so creative, you give them an idea and bang!  We are already well on our way to recommending Red Logics and your services as much as we can. I look forward to work with Red logics team again very soon.

Michael Anise
New Jersey, USA

You have done an amazing job!  Your company has been always ready to address all my concerns and has provided me excellent service; and for that I am truly thankful. I was also very impressed with your willingness to skype at any time – day or night – to brainstorm.

David Ayad

Brilliant! Strongly recommend!, Will continue to use for many years. Very Impressed!!


Redlogics was amazing.  They are tireless and very competent.  I am truly impressed.  I have rehired them and I am thrilled with their work product.

Mary Rogers
Atlanta, USA

Great Service and fast response. We are very happy with our website. Thank you !!!


Quick and professional job! will hire again for sure. thank you!

Alan Stables

What impressed me most about Red Logics team is their dedication to resolve any issues, and to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I thoroughly recommend them.