Working Process

Red Logics follows a variety of methods and practices to ensure high flexibility and agility. This helps us to meet our clients’ requirements with ease. We deliver a complete range of IT and SEO Services for the development, maintenance and support of business processes. Our services enable the organizations to meet their current needs and be ready for the emerging ones in future.

We follow different models for different services.

THE WATERFALL MODEL– The Waterfall Model is extensively used for software development. In this SDLC model, the complete project is divided into various stages and each stage needs to get completed before the next stage starts. There is no overlapping of a number of stages at a single point of time. In this model, once a stage is complete, only then the next stage starts like water falling from the top most rock to the subsequent stages and accumulate at the bottom finally. This ensures that each and every step is focussed on with immense care and due diligence. The designing, testing, installation, troubleshooting and debugging all takes place one by one and the final high quality product is delivered to the client in the end.

THE AGILE MODEL– In this SDLC Model, a set of processes is iterated multiple times with some advancement in each stage. Here, the main focus is on process adaptability and customer satisfaction. This process ensures rapid delivery of the software product. Every iteration in this process involves processes like planning, analysis, designs, testing and debugging. At the end of every stage the product is displayed to the client and once satisfied, it is delivered.

THE DEVOPS MODEL– In this model, our software development team and the operations team work in tandem to find problems in real-time and provide solutions instantly so that the operations are least affected. This strategic development allows the software team to deliver the software on time and monitor its real-time performance that is handled by the operations team. This model ensures there is least time lag and the operations of an organization are least affected.


Red Logics provides a complete range of customized IT Services and is planned in such a way that it meets every organization’s budgetary requirements. This helps us in providing quality services to every organization irrespective of their scale of operations and their geographical constraints. Our delivery process oriented and client-friendly approach ensures that our clients get the best of the products in the industry.

We follow three models for engaging with our clients:

DELIVERY MODEL– Our delivery model ensures that we deliver specific high quality software products to our clients on either Project Based Model or Dedicated Team Model or SLA Based Model.

PRICING MODEL– We provide a complete range of IT and SEO Services to our clients at affordable packages. Red Logic’s highly competitive model is designed as: Fixed Cost Model, Time-based Model and Milestone-based Billing Model

DEDICATED TEAM MODEL– Red Logics provides a dedicated team to esteemed and privileged clients for all their IT and software needs who work exclusively for the client.

Client's Testimonials

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about hiring a company from India. I heard bad stories about not finishing work and demanding more money and other issues.  This however was a great experience with Red Logics.  My project was extremely difficult and we have many obstacles to be over come but they pulled it off.  They worked along with me and acted like they had a vested interest in my project being successful. is now read for launch and I couldn’t have done this without them.  Over this time we have become friends.  They are kind, dedicated and work extremely hard for you.  Thank you so much …

Ankit Aggarwal

Thank you thank you thank you. We are in love with our website; it is beautiful, clean, simple and cost effective… Everything we had hoped for! Red Logics have helped us take our product to the next level. Specially Mr. Prashant’s patience, creativity & intuition have been a pleasure to work with. We are so grateful for your informative guidance, patience and responsiveness, as well as your humor throughout the entire website building process. I am really satisfied with the effort that whole team put into my work. They are so creative, you give them an idea and bang!  We are already well on our way to recommending Red Logics and your services as much as we can. I look forward to work with Red logics team again very soon.

Michael Anise
New Jersey, USA

You have done an amazing job!  Your company has been always ready to address all my concerns and has provided me excellent service; and for that I am truly thankful. I was also very impressed with your willingness to skype at any time – day or night – to brainstorm.

David Ayad

Brilliant! Strongly recommend!, Will continue to use for many years. Very Impressed!!


Redlogics was amazing.  They are tireless and very competent.  I am truly impressed.  I have rehired them and I am thrilled with their work product.

Mary Rogers
Atlanta, USA

Great Service and fast response. We are very happy with our website. Thank you !!!


Quick and professional job! will hire again for sure. thank you!

Alan Stables

What impressed me most about Red Logics team is their dedication to resolve any issues, and to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I thoroughly recommend them.