Why GO Responsive ?

Time has changed now. People need to access information on move also. There are many such information like checking train status, checking weather details, news, access bank website etc and it’s very clear that people cannot keep their laptops every time with them (desktop is impossible to keep :-)) so requirement generated to access such important information on move.
What is Responsive Design?
Responsive Design is a collection of techniques that allow a website to adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on like small mobile, smart phone, tablet, laptop etc. Someone opening your site on a small smart phone will be shown the same site as the person opening it on their laptop but the site will have noticed the constraints and automatically reformatted to give the user an experience better suited to their device.
There are many benefits in using Responsive Design like,


–    Cost Effective
It will be a costly solution if someone will keep multiple websites for multiple devices; rather it will be cost effective having one great Responsive Website. Creating multiple devices will take time and cost.
–    SEO Friendly
Google recommended that Responsive web design is good for SEO also.
–    Smarter way to show websites
Having and Managing only one Responsive website for multiple devices is a smart way, no doubt.
–    User Friendly
Responsive web design adopts screen size and formatted its design as per that to make UI feel better to the viewer.
–    Fast in access
Responsive websites are easy and fast in access.
–    One URL
If using Responsive Design, you will be having only one website URL, its great.
There is no reason to keep two or more websites like one for desktop and other for mobiles when it can be effectively handled by Responsive Design, which is much better.
Red Logics have skilled “web designers” who create design in a way which will look better in Responsive Design and “html developers” who create a great Responsive Design.